Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Granted I have never wished for a Fiji vacation more than now. Provided I could paddle from Malibu to the island on my own, I imagine that I would get a decent rate on a five star hotel there over the next couple of weeks. They might even throw in breakfast (and the good kind, not the crappy continental ones you get at the cheap hotels) if I put my Bond-like charm to good use.

That said, it is a super sad day when military coups are still going on in this world. Fiji is a relatively wealthy and modernized country too. Somebody should tell Howard to get his act together and free Fiji now! Let the people be governed by a constitution and allow the Fijians now threatened with military force at every moment to seek a peaceful resolution to the social and economic problems facing them.

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venus infers said...

having grown up in a us-backed dictatorship, i really sympathize with your wish for a rapid return to constitutional order in fiji. however, i wonder if you don't find calling for imperialist intervention there in the slightest way problematic. i really say this not to be nasty-- but we really should be careful about what we wish for...
what about abolishing the military altogether instead?