Sunday, December 10, 2006

no hay mal que dure cien años (ni weon que se lo aguante)

but he almost did, didn't he!
since koko has already! done the honors, i guess i am left to editorialize!

anyhoos, the most assertive comment came, as usual from the mouth of that most fabulously divine observer of the tout chili, veteran society journalist totó romero:

"¡pa' qué decirle cerdo al viejo, ahora que está parando la pata!"*

* "why calling him a hog now, when the old man's stretching his foot" (=dying-- the hilarious thing is the consonance of "pata" (an animal's foot) and "chancho" (hog), which in the end is what the viejo is. or was.

and to end with another fabulous quote-- let's drop in some manrique

" Non se engañe nadi, no,
pensando que ha de durar
lo que espera
más que duró lo que vio,
pues que todo ha de passar
por tal manera."

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Betty & Bimbo said...

oh venus, you are always so on top of this stuff...please keep us up-to-date if you hear of anymore interesting fallout...i'll be scanning the news today, too.

and what do you make of the cryptic statement he made last year, admitting "political responsibility for all that happened"? i'm still scratching my head over that one.

i think it is, and will always be, important for people to call him un cerdo even though he's gone now. but his being gone will help the nation to recover and move on un poco, i have no doubt.