Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rhode Island Blithdale Romance

A map of Rhode Island farms. Courtesy RI Department of Environmental Management.

My friend and former teacher Selma Moss-Ward has written an excellent piece on small Rhode Island farms in Tuesday's Providence Journal. She makes you want to visit when she writes:
People drive and bike and walk past every day of the year, always expecting to see something at Fenner Hill Farm. The farm does not disappoint. Besides the strong brown barn with its dark green wreath, besides the calm blue house surrounded by meadows and fruit trees, passersby see sheep that safely graze. They see chickens and peacocks pecking in the barnyard. And nine months a year they see the market cart at the end of the drive, laden with seasonal offerings. But its hibernation begins on the day after Christmas.
Unfortunately, the hibernation has begun for this year.

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