Monday, May 14, 2007

Sweet Social Justice Job Up for Grabs

Please excuse the functional nature of this post, as well as the dearth of posts originating in Betty's office in recent weeks. The last month has been a stressful time in Betty's professional life, as she's navigated the unpredictable waters of telling a boss with high stardards that she is leaving.

Doing the deed provoked a wide range of intense emotions in Betty, from self-loathing to general loathing to relief to pride to fear to freefall. But now it's done! And you should take her job!

The downside: it's in a boring office on the Upper West Side, and the pay is pretty low.

The upside: you get to live in New York City, travel the whole country, stay in posh union hotels, eat lots of free delicious food, work in the social justice movement on behalf of immigrants, working people and the environment (but NOT doing boring door-knocking or phone banking), learn about how money and power and social change work, and meet some of the most inspiring people you will ever know. All of this is guaranteed!

The requirements:
You must speak Spanish and know a little bit about social justice organizing and politics.

Betty's got more information if you want it.


venus infers said...

wow! i'm really awfully sorry to hear that, but happy that you decided to do something about your unhappiness--
do they need someone over the summer??

obamarama said...

did you get a job with the yankees?

betty said...

i did! it's called yankees every-game-watcher. it pays in headaches, and sometimes, smiles and bonus high-fives.

Anonymous said...

go work for the yanquis- they would love you 'cause el beisbol has been good to them! :)