Monday, May 07, 2007

Congrats to Nancy D. on the impending nuptual

Word on the street is that Nancy D. and her very own Hardy Boy (aka Speed McQueen) are tying the knot. From all of us at B&B, mazel tov! Speedy is a swell guy, in our estimation, and he's definitely got prospects.

I sat down with these folks at a bar in SF about four months ago, and they definitely had a certain glow together- so it all makes sense.


Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

Thanks! Hardy Boy is a wonderful name for him, though he also goes by Speed McQueen on this blog. We are excited, but I think my sister is more excited.

Anonymous said...

and we wonder if betty will be wearing a silly bridesmaid dress....or will she, as she did many years ago, just wear clothes that match nancy d.'s.
now, i know speed is way more of a clotheshorse than either of the above-mentioned gals. but almost anyone is :)
how can any of yu be old enough to get married?