Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Austin Translation

Betty and Bimbo just had a packed but appropriately laid back weekend in Austin, Texas. Along the way we saw beautiful blogger Nodine, as well as an imposing and majestic state capitol building that is actually, factually bigger than the U.S. capitol! Everything in Texas really is bigger, as Betty was reminded every time she tried to order a little bite to eat (thankfully, gallant Bimbo was there to help her clear her plate).

Other highlights included Atrz Rib House and the house band there (just about every place in Austin seems to have a house band!), Barton Creek (which Bimbo jumped in), and listening to the chirps of the largest urban bat population in America on Town Lake. Guero's had good nachos and margaritas, and the Hideout was our favorite Elliot-Smith playing coffee shop.

Other fun facts about Austin: the city hall is build of 90% recycled materials and covered in solar panels, in addition to being shaped like an armadillo. The tallest building in the city looks like a big shiny owl. Drinking starts earlier than in the North, and largely takes place outdoors. OTHER popular Austinite pastimes include biking, kayaking on the many accessible waterways, hearing live music, and hardcore hangin' out. Outside of Austin you'll find towns like Bastrop, Texas, which seems to still be hanging out in the 1950s, and that's cool with us. Case in point: a pharmacy with an old fashioned ice cream parlor and soda fountain. Unfortunately for these hungry wanderers, the jerk was nowhere to be found.

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