Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Glow of Summer

It has been years since Betty and Bimbo have had a proper summer vacation, but they still get a little extra pogo-power in their soles upon the dawning of June.

Summer in New York is a mysterious and mystique-filled alternaverse, in which people disappear, the subway is a spa, stores lock their doors, and wearing clothes outside may be optional. Also, as if we lived inside a summer camp away from the churning turmoil of the world, baseball is often on the front page of the newspaper.

Betty and Cocoa celebrated the beginning of the season last night by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. How are you kicking off this time of sand and fireworks?


venus infers said...

v is feeling industrial, which is not the same thing as industrious. i am trying to live the protestant ethic.

but would be delighted to be shown those rare nueayolquian summer evenings, on my way to or from the old continent (not incontinent, darlings).

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

I'm actually looking forward to a pretty idyllic summer in rural Marin County. I'm working for a small paper and part of my beat will be the National Park. There's really nothing more to say.

Nodine said...

It's already summer here. Is it over yet? No, I can't say I hate summer. I guess in Texas spring is just the new summer. And fall too. Summer itself is no fun at all, except that the campus is so peaceful.

Alright alright, no pessimism, sun and skimpy clothes are good. But I would appreciate it more in MARIN COUNTY!