Saturday, May 12, 2007

initiatic journeys

v had the pleasure of sharing with sarita some saturday-morning coffee in an almost rebuilt but otherwise empty downtown (the emptiness made it look almost like a chirico painting), then lunch at the usual spot while waiting for a rogue black cloud to release its contents upon an inadvertent crowd of almost-done seniors and their proud parents. the weather is a mild foretaste of southern ickiness-to-come interspersed with the roaring cool of the after-storm.

i must say it was a pleasure to see sarah before she continues her journey through southern country; i am happy that our paths crossed. sarah is a social worker and her initiatic journey has taken her down south tracing back the steps of her mexican clients, and witnessing the devastating landscape of agricultural labor in post-industrial society, and the courageous lives of people working for immigrant justice within a profoundly antilabor environment. (she keeps a blog where she shares some impressions and field-notes, )

initiatic journeys show us landscape as the visible manifestation of our inner geography, they teach us more than the outside, they are voyages of both the body and the soul. i know such is the case for sarita, and i sincerely hope that her notes will become a source of strength for all in our current struggle.

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