Friday, May 18, 2007

Hot in the glaciers...

May we please put our lovely eyes on the "happy campers" down in Argentina?

Background facts: Barrick Gold Corporation (the world's largest gold mine company) have decided to leave...
"In the Argentine province of La Rioja, an astonishing series of events have lead to the ouster of a corrupt pro-mining provincial governor and the apparent withdrawal of gold mining giant Barrick Gold from operations on the Famatina range. Who was responsible for these events? A small group of dedicated neighbors who are fighting tooth and nail to save their mountain range from open-pit mining exploitation."

"Up to now, Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold mining firm, has been accustomed to operating with total impunity in Argentina. Barrick Gold has been a major player for years in the Andean province of San Juan where their Veladero project was approved and constructed without any form of public input, and is now in production. The huge Pascua Lama project was railroaded through environmental approval processes against a great deal of protest in both Chile and Argentina and construction is now eminent."
First, we stopped Barrick's endorsement of Al Gore's speech in Santiago.

Now, they leave (in part) Famatina.

What's next?

(For photos of some protests against the actual disaster in Chile, see here.)

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betty said...

An incredible victory. Now we just need M. Nicolas et al. to move to Kentucky and take on King Coal.