Friday, October 27, 2006

Under Pressure

Betty LOVES Halloween... as a seasonally uncertain, slightly hallucinogenic, and sweetly eerie night in the streets for kids. In fact, she thinks trick or treating is suburbia's one night of glory, when children can roam wild and all doors are open to them. New York halloweens are also refreshing, when whole apartment buildings become a child's sugary playhouse.

Betty resists the Hannukah-ization (read: universalization of a children's holiday) of Halloween for many reasons, and now even more that she and Bimbo find themselves under pressure to come up with a costume for three or more parties over the weekend. Betty thinks we should all just get together and wait for the kids with the itchy face paint and itchier sweaters and plastic pumpkin buckets and sticky fingers to show up, but no. We grown-ups have to hog and interfere in the action, and with no small trace of irony and exhibitionism. Why don't we all just act like children all the time??

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