Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sox to trade Manny? Heard it here first

I just got this email from my friend Swame Baba, who is a renowned amateur baseball strategist and Fantasy Baseball King. He's also a Sox fan, which I try not to hold against him.

In any event, I give his predictions some weight, so I thought I'd air this one here:
Prediction: We're going to trade Manny to Philly and get Burrel and some others in exchange.

Rational: Manny and Charlie Manuel are best friends from Cleveland and Burrel has a great OBP (despite a low batting average) and the BoSox want to give Magadan someone to work with who has 40 HR power.

I think it goes something like this:

Manny and the willingness to eat some of his contract for Burrel and Wolf or maybe Hamels?

That then gives us money to play with to get some more pitching. It almost makes too much sense.

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