Saturday, October 21, 2006

It rhymes!

I am back with some more engineering poetry. This one has more potential to annoy people with its silliness. Let's see what happens. The topic: a little Boston infrastructure. It's a relic, but one of my favorites.

O! Silver Line

In real life you may never be built
But you occupy our days with your bedrock and silt.
The yuppies downtown make a scene with their fusses,
So we toil away on new routes for your busses.
Your noble purpose, to eliminate
The red-green-blue transfer to Logan, is great -
But alas, the governing forces won't pay
For rails to keep Roxbury protests at bay.
So we press on, hour after hour.
We won't quit until every basement is scoured
And we've drafted profile revisions by the pound...
Maybe then we'll at last see this tunnel break ground.

-September 2004
(But I believe the spirit of the
poem rings true to this day.)

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Anonymous said...

these poems are awesome! and true!