Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chien-Ming Wang Day!

It's Chien-Ming Wang Day, as the Yankees take on the Tigers, a team less raw and scary than the Twins. Betty (Cano) and Bimbo (Matsui) will watch this game from Wang's first pitch in their souvenir t-shirts.

The Yankees finished the season 97-65 (that's a heartstopping .599 winning percentage) atop the AL East. This is old news; still, it didn't look good in July.

But hey, it's now party time! Jeter and Cano came in second and third in the AL batting title race, which is cool because the guy who won is a catcher. But best of all, Matsui and Sheffield returned at full strength and glory, and Torre unintentionally mocked the inadequacy of other teams' line-ups by plopping Sheffy at first. Oh, and Chien-Ming Wang won 19 games. He'll start the Yankees post-season tonight.

Betty and Bimbo harbor fantasies that Wang returns at night to an impossibly high studio apartment where soft dust hovers in the light from a single window. He has a cot, a pile of books, a lamp, a rice cooker and some pots, two free weights and birds that perch and coo on the sill. All he thinks about is pitching. This vision is false, but it's how he throws.

See you tonight, C-Dub.

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Aaron said...

I predict a Yankees sweep of the Mets in the Series. Much as it pains me to say, it is the truth. If only the A's could do something about it. Perhaps the Harden-Haren harem will rule Harlem.