Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Poem from the Spanish Renasissance

On my flowering bosom,
meant only for him, kept for him alone,
he rested his head to sleep,
and I with love caressed him,
and the swaying cedars sent a breeze for him.

The wind from the battlements
when I loosed his hair and smoothed it, unbound,
with serene and tranquil hand,
struck my neck, pierced and wounded it,
dimming and suspending my senses.

I stayed there, self forgotten,
lowered my face, leaning over my lover,
all things ceased, self abandoned,
abandoning all my care
that lies, forgotten, there among the lilies.

- From Song II: The Dark Night, San Juan de La Cruz (1542-1591), new translation by Edith Grossman (c) 2006. More.

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