Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NYM = Nervous Young Men

Come on, Mets! I'm talking to YOU, David Wright! Or should I say "Da-Rod"?! Just kidding!

But Look Alive, Wright Stuff: you're cute, classy and cutthroat, so in the name of Mookie Wilson bring it on!

Let's go, team! You're young, you're quick, you hit and you push out runs from all the slots in a spirited line-up. You've got twinkle-toes on those basepaths, fools! And two Carloses! So what the hell's the problem???

Maybe you need to just forget it's the postseason, and play (and the Mets really play baseball, not like the grizzled Yankees) like it's the 2006 party you invited the whole world to six months ago! So somebody hand me a f*$@%ing drink!


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