Sunday, June 08, 2008

When Betty Was A Broad

Hello Dear Readers and Bloggers of the World!

Betty and Bimbo have returned from Paris, and a beautiful and enlightening week. We feel lighter and more turned on. We want to move there someday!

It was Betty's first time in Paris! She loved the cramped and lovely streets of the city center, visiting the outskirts with Bimbo, eating delicious fresh French and Middle Eastern foods, the continuity of history, the stone churches, the Seine from all sides, the quiet and the green, the absence of high speeds, the prevalence of movies and books, the endless cafe, the infinite languages and ways to get through, the details of Notre Dame, the statues, the dogs sans leashes, the hidden gardens with plenty of benches, the space to read, the drive to communicate, and the maxing out of her six day museum pass in all the neighborhoods! If you are ever in Paris, get this pass. You get to cut to the front of all the lines ("queues") of fanny packs and compulsive cameras, and it pays itself off so quickly! Plus you can slip it in your pocket and feel like a card-carrying member of the art club! And it folds itself out like an orange accordion, with a nice heft to it.

Betty and Bimbo felt like urban pioneers, travelling light and off the technogrid, and their alarm clock was really church bells!

We will have more to say about food in France shortly. Right now we have jet-lag and must lie down.


Nodine said...

Betty, you make it sound so wonderful! You could be a travel writer. Now we'll see how you do with the food....

I have managed to go to South America four times (once with you! empanadas, daily ice cream, stray dogs, the overnight bus, fancy dinner parties....these are my main memories...) but never Europe. In the near future I need to do something about this.

venus infers said...

while betty was in paris, venus was in niuyól!

betty said...

Nodine, I remember that trip so fondly. What are your luna de miel plans???

Venus, please dish about your trip! Then you're going to Venice?