Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Irish Wake for the Internet

As you may have heard, Betty and the Internet will part ways for a month this summer. Betty wants to find fun off the screen, and the Internet has plenty of other friends to hang with. In this age of time-suck, Twitter (which everyone should still join), and the "informative" distraction, Betty's seems like an uncontroversial and downright worthy undertaking, doesn't it?



Yesterday the project was challenged from many sides!

Someone in Sao Paolo told Betty (verbatim, via Skype chat) "i think its dumb. are you trying to challenge modern society or something" and then Bimbo cheekily suggested "Why don't you do it for one day?"

MOVING ALONG WITH MY INTENDED JOURNEY OF SELF-IMPROVEMENT, Bimbo is helping me find all our favorite Internet videos that we've laughed really loudly to in our days together. We'll post a new one every couple of days. Mirth city!

OK, so we're kicking off this series (of which you may refer to us as "the curators") with a classic. The most disastrous TV interview of all time. Good thing the Internet was there to make us aware! We hope you enjoy it as much as we always have, and that you find its many insights remain "truetruetrue".

Lights, camera...

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