Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Books of My Life

Betty found an interesting post today about books that have changed your life. Blog author Kevin Kelly calls such books "tools" and asks us to consider the books that have actually changed the way we live and act in the world, helped us make a decision, set a course in our life, "books as levers".

Betty is not used to thinking this way about books, but considers this an interesting experiment. She will post her list soon, and in the meantime, awaits yours.

And while we're at it, let's do this for movies, too.


Anonymous said...

reading wg sebald's the emigrants....while it didn't chage my life it did open my eyes/mind to a whole different way of writing- borges, too

changed my life??? when i was about 15: middlemarch, portrat of a lady, madame bovary ,anna karenina-

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

A Room of One's Own--I expected this to be an energizing feminist essay, but instead it opened my eyes to using language in a new way. On Sept. 11 I remembered Woolf's description of how World War I changed the nature of personal interactions.

And in the theatrical realm: Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. First time I realized that a play could be about ideas and not just characters.

Anonymous said...

nancy d.- there's an auden poem about wwii that's quite lovely....we did not even discuss poetry
neruda 's 100 sonnets of love- where's speed?

is it stoppard "the real thing"? loved that....
but portrait of a lady continues to eb a touchstone haven't reread middlemarch or anna k in a while though