Thursday, June 05, 2008

Remembering Bobby

The Times has three remembrances of Bobby Kennedy today on the op-ed page by his children Kathleen, Joe, and Kerry. All three are lovely and I have pasted brief quotes from each below.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: I thought of another time when he’d given me very personal advice, in a letter after his brother Jack was killed. “Dear Kathleen,” he’d written then. “You seem to understand that Jack died and was buried today. As the oldest of the Kennedy grandchildren, you have a special responsibility. A responsibility ... to be kind to others and work for our country. Love, Daddy.”

Joseph P Kennedy II: Robert Kennedy had a wonderful way of allowing others to tell him how the world looked through their eyes. Indeed, so many people across this nation were grateful for his belief in their worth — they knew his faith in the humanity of his fellow Americans.

Kerry Kennedy: As an adult, I recognize that the lessons my father taught us children mirrored the beliefs he wanted the nation to embrace — that we must build a system of justice which enjoys the confidence of all sides; that peace is not something to pray for, but something everyone has the responsibility to create every day; and that we must muster the courage to face the truth about ourselves as well as those we consider our enemies.

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betty said...

Just saw some clips of him on CNN. Amazing! Who else was talking like that? Check him out on youtube! Obama is more like him than he is like any other person who came before him, to these eyes and ears.