Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Stuff of Life

Inspired by a cool article in the new "design issue" of Paper Magazine, Betty & Bimbo are asking their readers and bloggers to consider the following question and categories, and to please respond with your thoughts!

Which [specific] objects in your everyday life fit into each of these categories, and why?

1. Aesthetically Pleasing and Useful

2. Useful, but Dull

3. Beautiful and Useless

4. Just Plain Ugly, and Doesn't Work Very Well, Either

Bimbo says:

1. My wooden briefcase - It holds all my work papers and looks like a tree trunk.

2. My computer at work - I mean, it's a Dell.

3. My Japanese tea pot - I never drink tea, but I love my pot. It's brown and tiny and could probably hold only two cups of tea.

4. My appendix? (I can't really think of anything that's not useful or interesting looking.)

Betty says:

1. My Fender Telecaster guitar - My soul, my beautiful one. With the colors of a banana that's still ripe, but just barely. You know what's inside will be soft and sweet.

2. My cell phone - It's grey and bulky and takes horrible dark photos and can't do anything special but it still works.

3. Stuffed monkey - Purchased in Chicago. It has a look on its face that reminds me of a sweet look Bimbo sometimes gets.

4. This IS the hard one, isn't it? In the magazine piece, one of the designers chose his Time Warner cable remote, which is both impossible to understand and visually drab. I can't argue with that choice.

Awaiting your replies!
Betty & Bimbo

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