Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In Memoriam: Father of the Blog

April 2nd marks the third anniversary of the death of Ambassador John J. O'Leary, pere of Betty and Gabriela an important influence on many of us on the blog.

I still miss John, and I do wish he were here to weigh in on the blog's many Obama-Clinton debates, even though I know he would come down forcefully -- and quite intelligently -- on the other side.

I also wish John was around for some political strategizing. I am currently running a campaign for Congress in the same Southern Maine district that John ran in 26 years ago (when I was an infant) and I hope we have learned the lessons of his hard-fought primary defeat. In particular, it's all about Biddeford-Saco!

And finally, I just miss his goodness and warmth and gregarious nature. He has inspired the work I do in my life, and I'm glad that his spirit lives on in many of us here.


Jasen said...

I recently watched a home video of "the islanders." Many bloggers are featured in the film. I was then, as I remain today, the youngest. And then, much like today, my emotions often got the best of me.

I miss John letting me get eight strikes and saying "foul ball" each time, even when my hysterical breakdown was already well underway.

I also miss our wrestling matches and the way he wore his Yankees hat down over his eyes.

Betty & Bimbo said...

Wow, everyone, this is so overwhelming and I am so grateful to you.

Some things I miss: his scratchy stubble in the summer, his summer reading lists, his enthusiasm and passion for Latin America, his RRRRRRRR! when wrestling Jonny.

Love love love -- A.

melkyman said...

I meant to post this several days ago, but needed to collect my thoughts..Koko is so right that despite the fact that John would be weighing in on the other side, he more than anyone could remind us that we are all on the same BLUE team....John was a Democrat with a large D...I have told the story before of having dinner with him and he being positive Kerry would beat Bush...when I reminded him that he predicted a Gore victory, he emphatically remided me Gore DID win!
I too miss him very much...one of the finest people I have had the privlege to know...In a year devoted to our political party, John's legacy is a force..