Tuesday, April 01, 2008

El Presidente John

So there we were, the three of us having a very nice dinner at the hotel restaurant. The dessert was on the table, after a long and warm debate about impossibly everything that matters.

In the middle of some accurate description of a guy we met in Africa, and my juicy, but somewhat exaggerated details on a mexican foreign minister, I had the most wonderful thought.

"Well, John, I have decided that you would be an excellent president of the US of A. I think basically you can save the world...I mean, you have the looks and that latina wife of yours. And the head for it. So, you should...We'll fundraise for you in Texas and Santiago!". My optimism was rock-solid.

Mark liked the idea and we started plotting the campaign in front of John.

John gave us a movie star smile, shaking his head, not saying much.

I tried again. "Think about it. You would be the guy that inspires! And all the latinos would vote for you in a heart-beat!"

We continued for another 5 minutes until we almost got him on the ticket. For a brief second, John looked at both of us and said "You would have to convince Patri first"...

We all laughed, and John then told us he was looking forward to some Yankees game that was about to start on the TV, and that some crucial analysis about it with Ale&Gabi was involved.

So here we are now, 7 years after and reminding ourselves -as always- what a better world this would be if only John was around...



Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

You should have seen the pins our parents had made when Betty was a babe and I was still in the womb (gender unknown, and potentially her future husband): "Alejandra Cepeda O'Leary Dondis Himmelstein for President!"

I know that I thought of John during the Maine caucuses. I've never met a prouder Democrat.

Betty & Bimbo said...

I think he got a lot of satisfaction out of being President of Little Diamond Island. : )

He read Yeats before the Saturday Night Suppahs, it was great! Though I was too young to notice at the time. : )

Anonymous said...

John presiding over Saturday night supper on LDI gave us an idea of what true leadership is -- setting a tone, letting everyone have their say, creating the sense that we're all in this together. What a concept. Even tho we abandoned the way life should be to move to Boston, there was always the memory of Camelot on Casco Bay. Thinking of him always, and happy that this day has sparked these memories... oxxo

Betty & Bimbo said...

Thank you, Montse. This is beautiful.