Tuesday, April 29, 2008

executions and such

Venus is frankly confused by this brouhaha.
It was a zero sum, and then again, the zero sum is always the most difficult one. That is why the Mayas, Indians and Arabs had a zero, and the Europeans (and it turns out, the Supremes) didn't. Venus confesses a rejected attempt to file amicus curiae. Venus has had plenty of those three-part lethal cocktails, part vodka, vermouth and bitter, and vive le royal headache the morning after--that's what makes them lethal in the first place! Venus infers somebody had a hang over at the Suprème, tout court! "Off with their heads."

On to the more recent things, and we countenance again how that Mr O goes uh-oh right when he should be thinking Wright. Now Venus thinks (sometimes Venus does), that this disavowal sounds too much like Peter before dawn (apostasy, it is called where Venus came from) and it is not entirely befitting to the type of O, the oh! if you will, who our darling senator wants to be.

A certain someone said that in the middle of the road there is nothing but yellow stripes and dead armadillos, and Venus must add that it's also dead skunks, and that those stink. Mr O, do not disavow who you are, that's why Venus liked you in the first place. (Particularly because people that make obscene amounts of money should be concentrating on spending it all to repeal the recession, rather than trying to get a relatively low-paying job.)

Ah, anyways, it's all such a blood sport that Venus feels like a Bloody Mary, off with her head, dammit.


Betty & Bimbo said...

I can't say that I understand much of what this post is saying, but I did enjoy reading it.

I'm not sure what Mr. O should be doing at this point. It seems like people are going to dislike him either way. Perhaps what you are saying, V., is that he should have just blown off Wright's recent comments and not rushed to make a disowning "statement" about them. This is probably right. One of his best abilities, I think, is being able to rise above pettiness (see, e.g., Bill Clinton's remarksm in NH) by refusing to engage with its perpetrators. Having Wright in your luggage is a tough position to be in, and one I don't envy him. Still, his recent outrage makes me wonder even more how deep the connection really was in the first place. We'll never know, and I think that's my point. Wright and Obama seem to be have realized they were using each other, and neither has gained much (except notoriety) from his connection to the other.

At this point, as you may notice, I am only interested in the literary aspects of the race. I am so burned out on the candidates at this point, and need to reserve some strength of spirit for the general election.

venus infers said...

If you took the time to read what Rev Wright said about the chickens and the rest, you'll see he's not saying anything we haven't said or heard before. Can the gentleman from Chicago handle this (the truth) right now? No. I wish he would face up to it, and make those comments his. No more lukewarm politics for once. But alas, it is not the season for bold statements, is it. --v.

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

I think the whole episode is rather disappointing, but you must admit that Rev. Wright made a deliberate choice to thrust himself back into the spotlight. I can understand that he would want to defend himself, having been publicly maligned; at the same time, he had to know that this would not sit well with Obama.

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...
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venus infers said...

"This could not be handled by a speech
about the complexities of modern life"
Claimed certain paper, rather, rag,
That often times reads like a leech.

If statesmen talk like the meek
Then where has gone the thought?
Maybe we shouldn't look at all
Certainly not in politico-speak.

I'll sing to that courageous Wright
Even when I know that he will bow
To the insistent beatings of the youth.
He in a storm remained upright,
And he exposed the mediocre low
Who get burnt when facing the pellucid truth.

says the nyt editorial of today,
This could not be handled by a speech about the complexities of modern life. It required a powerful, unambiguous denunciation — and Mr. Obama gave it. He said his former pastor’s “rants” were “appalling.” “They offend me,” he said. “They rightly offend all Americans. And they should be denounced. And that’s what I’m doing very clearly and unequivocally here today.”
Who is the NYT endorsing again? The two right-wing candidates, Clinton and McCain.

Betty & Bimbo said...

I'm watching the National Press Club thing now...so far, so good, actually! I haven't gotten to the part where he supposedly flies off the handle, and I like him!

What did he say about chickens?

Betty & Bimbo said...

OK, so I am almost done watching this.

I don't see what's so offensive about this at all. The closest he comes to it is his thing about the government inventing HIV to kill Africans, but he doesn't even say that, only that he believes the government is capable of anything. He's eccentric, but this press conference is by no means grounds for a big renunciation. I think V. is absolutely right to be disappointed. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama and Wright understand each other and what they have to do...Wright even says this several times in the conference. He's not a politician, he's a pastor.