Tuesday, April 01, 2008


On the pages of this blog, Betty has long maintained that there is no compelling difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to substantive policy positions. Now, after much brain-wringing and frantic, slightly abusive chihuahua-petting, Betty is putting it all on the line to defend this point of view. She has finally made up her mind about whom to throw her weight and influence behind in the months leading up to November 2008: John McCain.

First of all, McCain is the only major candidate who shares a first name with one of the Beatles.

Secondly, small government is what it's ALL ABOUT. Betty is into things that are small: small dogs, small government.

Third of all, Barack and Hillary are simply not OLD enough to be president.

And finally, Betty has always considered herself a "maverick," so McCain is the obvious choice for her.

In Conclusion, Betty Endorses McCain '08 -- Change you can Vote For.

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