Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Voting Tech

So what I want to know is, technologically speaking, HOW did people vote? I personally pulled a lever for the first time. It was crazy! The machine looks like someone from 1939's idea of scary expressionistic robot. And all the fonts seemed lifted from a 1952 high school yearbook (or jukebox!) on light blue paper. I was like, where do I vote for Truman, yo? Weird time travel experience!

Also, the curtains smelled like butt, and I cringed when I had to touch them. Where do they keep these things in the off-season? I hereby volunteer myself to give them a good tumble in the washing machine! Also, they were not red, white, and blue striped. What the fuck.

I know that in Maine we always voted with a thick black pen to make little arrows that were inevitably squiggly. And I know that in some states they use the DIE BOLD (could there be a better name for an unaccountable system?) machines. How was your time in the booth? Sights, sounds, smells, textures????


Jasen said...

i am going home this weekend to caucus...no idea how that works, but i will let you know. Sen. Menendez (NJ) is playing coy, downplaying importance of NJ...is Clinton campaign thinking they might lose NJ???

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

I voted with a pen that let you fill in the gap in an arrow. I really have no expertise here, but I have a pretty high confidence in that method. No curtains, just flimsy plastic booths.