Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another Way to Put It

Clinton: 845, Obama: 765.

Of course we have plenty of primaries coming up that could tip this either way. But does anyone think that these mysterious superdelegates could become important? A NYT blog post from Monday said that they were leaning toward to Clinton, which isn't surprising.


Betty & Bimbo said...

What exactly are superdelegates?

I think it's interesting that the core Democratic base (low-income people, seniors, immigrants) came out for Hillary yesterday, though I'm not sure what that means.

What makes me most happy is that the Republicans are clearly split three ways, between three quite different candidates.

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

As far as I can understand, they are party insiders and elected officials who are appointed delegates by the party, not elected in primaries. This is so the party can maintain some control over the whims of the masses. There are about 800 of them, and they can vote however they want. In all elections that I can remember, they haven't been important because other candidates have dropped out of the race before the convention. But this race is so close that who knows.

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...
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Jasen said...

Yeah, they are members of Congress, Gov.'s, ect. Also, it is of note that MSNBC has the count after last night at 838-834, Obama leading.

Nancy D., Girl Detective said... are right, Jasen. I'm not clear why the AP has a different figure, but they are still sticking with that figure as of now.

Jasen said...

well Hillary does have more overall (Superdelegates,) but Obama did win last night