Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day for Reflection and Rescue: MARCH FO(U)RTH!!!

Back in the 11th grade, an apple-cheeked slacker named Tom Pratt introduced Betty to the hidden joys of March 4th, "the only day of the year that's a complete sentence". Kind of like how Tom Waits is among musicians, only March 4th is also a command!!

Every year in the springtime, Tom Pratt would recruit his friends to spend March 4th walking from South Portland to their high school in Portland over the Casco Bay Bridge, which took about two hours total. So we commemorate March 4th through reflection, and by dedicating ourselves to soldiering on in the face of life's many challenges.

SO! In celebration of March 4th, Betty & Bimbo will sponsor a Blog-a-Thon for Waggytail Rescue, an organization Betty works with, so she can tell you the direct effect your blog post will have on the lives of little dogs sprung from the New York City shelters!

Here's the deal, then: For each blog post of the day written by a different blogger, Betty & Bimbo will donate $10 to Waggytail Rescue. Readers who'd like to participate can join in the fun here! So start thinking about what you might want to write about on March 4th! Save the Date! [Thanks to Nodine for the unforgettable image.]

We know we'll get a slew of great posts on all kinds of topics, and we just can't wait. Also, for those readers who have signed up as bloggers but might be a little timid to post, consider this a great opportunity to just go for it! Posts need not be lengthy but should be more than just a picture or a link.

We'll see how this goes. If we get a good response, I think this is something we could do again, maybe even with slightly higher amounts or even reader "pledges", for any of the other great organizations listed to your right under "Links of Love".

Now, onward!


Jasen said...

I think I will write about Obama defeating Clinton in Texas that night (he is up by 4 in a new CNN poll and 8 in a new ARG poll) and putting an end to this very very long nomination process...but that is just a projection.

Jasen said...

By the way, this is a very good idea, betty.

Betty & Bimbo said...

Thanks, Jasen! I look forward to reading your reflections on it all, and to hopefully having a nominee!

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

In honor of Tilda Swinton's Oscar acceptance speech, which cracked me up last night, I'll pledge $1 for every post that includes the word "Batman."

Yours of shallower pockets,
Nancy D.

venus infers said...

ah, the progressive march. looking forward to it. -v.

Betty & Bimbo said...

Nancy -- I think I would have found that Oscar moment funny, rather than painful, had I not been forced to sit through "Batman and Robin" every single day for a full year, watching and wincing until my five year old charge fell asleep. Highlights include Gov. Arnold as "MISTAH FREEZE!" (sample line: "I'm the COOOOOLEST!") and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, acting like she's Madonna with a fake Euro-vague accent and flouncing about in Peter Pan tights and her eye on Clooney. He's come a long way!

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

What a strange movie for a five-year-old to be fixated on.