Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro In Wisconsin

Once again, Castro annoys the whole universe, by just demonstrating the old fox that he really is.

Out-staging Bush' meet-and-greet trip to Africa (giving DC residents a few days of rest from over-flying and Beirut-like Copter One's), "stepping down/up" the same day as yet another US primary is taking place, and showing far greater tech elegance than Bush (remember the Budget on a "laptopPCnotebook"?) by submitting the letter on the InterNet(s), Castro rules (in so many ways).

Of course the over-worked pundits (is it just me, or are they all looking WAAAY older on TV as of late??) can't believe their un-happy star, but are mustering enough strength to over-hype the Castro demise. "IS A HUGE DEAL!" they will say, mentioning the embargo (yawn...), and exact difference's "on this issues" between the 2 cand's in Wis.

My take is that this IS NOT A HUGE DEAL. Not at all.

US grain and agri export to Cuba increases yearly (a + 15%) without all this hoopla. Exxon and friends have worked (in 2006 no less...) their way into some (possible) large petro reserves, competing -the way only oil companies can- with their Europeans friends that are already there, doing what they cannot do on Florida's shores. However, Oil is a long-term project, and like they say in the airline industry, 'on top doesn't matter as much as below'...Ergo, cargo.

So, it really doesn't matter what each of the candidates say...if they don't mention the oil.

One exciting thing though...Castro informed us all that he is -from now on- 'Comentarista En Jefe', this way elevating the guild of under-payed and abused writers to new heights.


Betty & Bimbo said...

I think your assessment is right, Montse. Hasn't Raul been running Cuba (at least domestic policy) for over a decade?

Of course, the news media will go crazy. The last gasp of our great bearded enemy. It's only February, after all! What the hell are we going to do between now and November after the candidates are picked?!

Here is an "up close" Betty and Bimbo story--- as many blogistas here know Betty likes to sleep in, and Bimbo likes to get up and read the news on the internets. So then when Bimbo was in the shower this morning and Betty finally wandered out of bed to get on the computer herself, she read the news! Bimbo hadn't even told her! When she asked him if he'd heard about Castro, he shrugged, and resumed shampooing.

Is this a typical/acceptable response or are we horribly aloof?

Jasen said...

Is there any way we can get a Gabo comment on Castro's resignation?? That could propel the blog's status to being a credible news source...

Montserrat Nicolás said...

B&B: You guys a deftly slacking...I mean, shampoooing?! What's next?

Jas: Nobody has resigned per se...Only said that 1. He will not accept any kind of nomination because he's just too old (Hello, take a cue, McCain!) and 2. This blog doesn't need more credibility. It needs more searchable words (i.e more posts about Britney/Lohan/Breasts).

bests and check out state.gov on my blog...divino!