Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer's Slow-Breaking News

We were going to post about the true environmental evils of bottled water today, but decided to let you check out the link for yourself. We're feeling cheerful today! Just stop drinking Fiji water, ok folks? It's a blight. Oh, and Aquafina? It's tap water. And most U.S. tap water is totally fine to drink.

Betty and Bimbo saw The Simpsons Movie last night, and you know, it was fun! We laughed loudly out loud a lot. And there were even touching parts where Betty nearly cried! Although the fast-moving animation made our eyes hurt.

The movie was a little more pointed and Homer-centric than Bimbo would have liked. He wishes it had been more oddball, Springfield-based, and aggressive, like it was in the early seasons. "It will never be the same, it's over" he mused, kicking a rock on the sidewalk as we walked out.

It seems he's not alone in this nagging feeling. At the video store later on, our very own Comic Book Guy told us that only Seasons 4 through 7 are the gold (with Season 6 maybe being the best), and that everything after that is downhill, since the show's original core of writers defected. Betty then asked our bespectacled expert why these writers left - after all, The Simpsons was still wildly popular after Season 7. He told us they wanted to spend more time with their families and just do other things: "TV writers don't see much sunlight," he shrugged.

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