Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dream

This morning on a crowded subway car, Betty and Bimbo mapped out their future. Tuning out the sleepy ruckus around them, they also forgot all financial and logistical constraints, allowing themselves to dream of a life lorded over by a disinterested benefactor.

As workers shuffled on and off the train, the Bs reached a quick decision about the ultimate fantasy: to own and operate their own chihuahua farm in a Southwestern state. The farm would perform double duty as an adoption center and tourist attraction to which roadsters would flock from far and wide. The chis would roam free over six or seven acres of dry land reminiscent of their Mexican tierra patria. There would be troughs full of water and kibbles and fresh cut carrots. Visitors to the farm could enter the gates and observe the chis in their natural splendor, observe their burrowing from an underground viewing facility (after all, it's hot out there!), and buy t-shirts, stuffed animals, postcards, and other takeaways at the well-stocked gift shop. An eco-friendly theme restaurant would serve the hungry masses, as would as two costlier options - adopt a chi from the farm and walk away with an official certificate too, or camp out overnight on the farm with unlimited snuggling privileges.

We are keeping the dream alive.
Share your dream with us!

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Montserrat Nicolás said...

crazy nuyokers...