Monday, July 09, 2007

La la la I'm in Love with a Jersey Girl...

Yesterday Betty and Bimbo beat the heat by defecting to the Garden State with their little dog. The DeCamp bus takes you straight from the awesomely grimey and cinematic Port Authoriy to the heart of pretty green New Jersey. We oohed and ahhed (and in Cocoa's case, panted) out the window at pretty, quaint, independently-businessed Bloomfield and Glen Ridge. We then went to a park designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead (of Central and Deering Oaks Parks fame) and played baseball with a six-year old and his family. Betty made some beautiful plays in the outfield, and Bimbo was a rock at first base. Cocoa enjoyed her Fresh Air Fund experience, and joined the wildlife with aplomb, and poos.

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