Tuesday, May 06, 2008

With Democrats Like These...

I literally heard longtime (Bill) Clinton strategist and hack extraordinaire Paul Begala speak these words tonight on CNN's election coverage, about the Democratic Party's chances to win in November with Obama at the top of the ticket:
We can't win with a coalition of eggheads and African-Americans.
Donna Brazile, a black woman with a college education, rightly proceeded to jump down Begala's throat.

Does it bother anyone else that the votes of black people seem to matter less to the punditry than the votes of "working-class white voters"? For example, Obama has a "problem" with working class whites because he only is getting 40-45 percent of them in these primaries, but no one worries about Clinton's "problem" with black voters, who she is getting 10 percent from. There is of course the argument that white voters are more important because there are more of them -- but that arguments leads down some pretty dangerous pathways. And by the way, guess who working-class white voters are going to pick in November, if recent history is any guide? John McCain!

With Democrats like Paul Begala, who needs Republicans?


Jasen said...

Good point. Although, Begala was a lot less rabid tonight overall. I think he sees the writing on the wall. Meanwhile, Obama might still win Indiana. Does anyone here think Mrs. Clinton still has chance?

venus infers said...

Ah, surface politics. But then again, we need those to remind us who rule this country.

Oh, a public announcement, having scooted down from there: Il y a un road-block in Main Street. Some people drown sorrows, and others, think of things to come. D County police thinks revenue. --v.