Monday, May 26, 2008

Close Encounters of the Paul Kind

NEW HAVEN, CT -- Betty, Paul McCartney's #1 Fan, who learned to play guitar to his compositions, wrote him letters in high school, and has all his solo albums, even the crap ones, had a meaningful interaction with her musical hero today. She had been waiting for it nearly all her life.

As Sir (now Dr.?) Paul crossed Elm Street in downtown New Haven around noontime, Betty waited behind a neon security gate that was actually there for Tony Blair (his son was graduating from Yale grad school). Betty knew where to wait because she had seen Willie Mays exit that very way the year of her own graduation. In all seriousness, Betty has always regretted not going up to Willie to tell him how much she loves and appreciates him. Whenever she has been on the fence about whether or not to do something scary after that, she just thinks of Willie, and the words that could have been.

Anyway, Betty waited for Paul and then when he came out in his robe and pink sash, chatting casually with the other honorees, Betty called out "Congratulations, Paul!" and the Cute One turned to regard her, raised his hand in a friendly wave, and said "Thank you!". Then he and his new classmates walked at a leisurely pace towards the library. They probably had some studying to do!

The exhange was beautiful, and for this blogger, so special.


LadyElaineFairchild said...

I'm so glad you got to meet him. I That is a one heck of a sighting. And you couldn't have chosen a better photo to go with the post. A quadrifecta (is that a word?) of endangered species - baby seals and people who actually gives a shit; a deserving rock legend and enduring marital bliss.

LadyElaineFairchild said...

Oh, wait. That's Heather, not Linda!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's heather!!! betty WHAT were u thinking????

BUT you did not approach him about your Moo-the original Paul girl.
He's the only one I would marry.

Betty & Bimbo said...

Maybe their marriage is the fourth endangered species. Sad!