Monday, May 05, 2008

In the Midtown Hour

Betty met Moo for lunch in Midtown today. It was bright and a bit windy and the tourists were out in droves! Loitering around the skating rink awaiting her maternal date, Betty watched the foreigners squat and flash and endurance-smile, and soon Betty's arm/butt/back-of-head will fly home to Europe and Japan in dozens of blurry Rockefellar Center snapshots!

Then Moo appeared, and the twin-like duo wandered off in search of yummy treats. Then Betty almost bought a slice of Dean & DeLuca Blackout Cake for $6.50, but resisted and thus triumphed in "self-overcoming" like Nietzsche's overman. Maybe all the "Sex and the City: The Movie" advertisements around town went to her head there for a second!

Then, on the way to dropping Moo at MoMA, Betty took Moo to the Nintendo store and made her play Mario Kart Wii. Here is the visual evidence, which also serves as proof that Moo is a good Moo who takes an interest in Betty's passions and joys.

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