Monday, May 19, 2008

the gliberals

"When is it that we realize that there is something seriously wrong with the economy? When people like you and me start to fear for their jobs!"

Venus feels Jacobin.

Why not start with the Fashionistas at the NYT.


Montserrat Nicolás said...

and I miss venussss...

Betty & Bimbo said...

Who said this?

venus infers said...

Apologies for the meta-ness of the post.

The truth is, darlings, that I'm currently engaged in developing a Glib-Gib to Queen's English translation tool.

One of the extremely interesting aspects of Glib-Gib to Queen's English translation is the way that the amount of words in a text is exponentially reduced when translated into Queen's English.

So, when translated into Queen's English, this is what the New York Times reads like.

Gros bisous pour tous,


Anonymous said...

I was walking down 5th avenue last week vitrineando in all the usual places of gross, vulgar, wretched excess and was shaken to my core to see a table w. volunteers asking for donations for the homeless and not one person laden w. shopping bags deigned to drop a quarter.
I was so embarassed by the inhumanity and obliviousness, the proverbial "no es conmigo" that I put in a $20. The volunteers thanksed me so profusely that I was almost in tears.
Tu suegra

venus infers said...

Suegrita! Qué es de su vida!
I hope that the "no es conmigo" didn't hamper your enjoyment of excess. Aún si se dice por ahí que es necesario un poco de bíter para realzar la dulzura.

En estos raudos días capitales el exceso es de lo poco que nos va quedando...

Cariños digitales--

Anonymous said...

my darling yerno,

lots of news form this end, some not fit for a public blog with young children involved....

betty te da mis coordinadas por si pasas por DC

el karma de la vida es divertido....estoy en la OEA, I've gone back to Latin America inspite of all my best efforts to escape!!!

listen as your fiancee will tell you i am as guilty of wretched excess as the next person, BUT BUT least I'm aware!

la suegra

Betty & Bimbo said...

Yes, it's true that the NYT often feels they need to "translate" the world into yupp-ese.

My favorite example of this was an article about "travel tips" that was like "You may get hungry! Pack a snack! Pack water! Try to show up on time for your flight!"

Thanks, Momma Times.