Friday, October 31, 2008

Early Voting

B&B's Washington D.C. Correspondent Moo filed this report today.

Today was a beautiful fall day, 60 degrees, sunny and the trees turning orange. I went to vote in the DC municipal building downtown. The line went out to the street, but it was very well organized and there was such excitement it was almost palpable. There were lots of young people, a rainbow of colors, ethnicities, people with their children (se acuerdan de cuando votaban con Papi?). Everyone was so pleased and everything ran so very smoothly.

I asked for a paper ballot, taking no chances there, and checked and double-checked that my first arrow was connected, “For President and Vice-President Barack Obama and Joe Biden”.

My heart was racing and my hand was shaking as I handed it to the clerk.

I cannot remember any time in my 20 years or so of voting in the US were I have been so excited and proud.

Everyone here at B&B is looking forward to Tuesday and its attendant celebrations.

p.s. It has been confirmed that Wilco could play at the inauguration of President Obama. He introduced them at Farm Aid in 2005!


Anonymous said...

The only other times I have been this excited were many, many years
hearing Lopez Michelsen speak from the balcony of the Plaza de los
Coches in
>Cartagena and the night Lagos was elected in Chile when I kidnapped
from the Ambassadors' protocolary waiting room in La Moneda and
dragged him,
to the horror of Rene, into the square in front of the Moneda to hear
speak from the same balcony as Allende had done many years ago. There
people singing, confetti was falling and it was very, very moving.
When we went back to the official felicitaciones line, I was covered
confetti and wearing a Lagos button. The President-elect said to me,
donde viene usted"? and I answered, "de clebrar con la gente, Sr.

Anyway, mis chiquititas. I did it with you in my heart and mind. I
want you
to have a country you can be proud of.

Anonymous said...
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