Monday, October 06, 2008

The Betty & Bimbo Challenge

As you've doubtless heard or intuited, hardworking nonprofits are bracing for tough times ahead. Despite the meanness and the leanness of these days, let's show the nonprofits and causes we're passionate about that their work is as needed and valued today as it was before all the money started flying down the sewers -- if not MORE needed and valued.

So - the Betty & Bimbo challenge is: make a donation this week. Spite the times.


venus infers said...

What about a donation to Planned Parenthood in honor of Sarah Palin? I already sent mine in. They will send her a card to let her know how much we appreciate her inspiration.

Here's her address.

The Govenor's Mansion
716 Calhoun Ave
Juneau, AK 99801-1617

Betty and Bimbo said...

Update: Reader Libby has given to a Wildlife Rescue Fund in honor of a robin she found injured near her house and writes:
"This experience has made me so grateful for the web of small kindnesses that surround and support us every day." Great job, Libby!! xoxoxo

Here at B&B we gave to a certain presidential candidate and to Animal Care & Control of New York City.