Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Yankee Squirrel, the Year of the White Guy Pitcher, etc.

Hey Sports Fans!

The Yankee squirrel was back last night, and boy did he bring an attitude, although he could be a she. How do you tell with squirrels?

One can only assume that the little brown and grey cutie who scurried up and down Yankee Stadium's bright yellow right field foul pole like Spiderman last night was the same creature who chilled atop the pole last week - for an entire game - and in so doing spurred the Yankees on to victory over the detested Red Sox.

As Larry David and Brad Pitt and the Magic Squirrel looked on, and Maddox played distractedly with Spike Lee's little one, the Yankees played unstoppabley against wild card rival Seattle last night. A-Rod hit one into the upper deck that took all of four seconds to clear the air, Posada hit two that were a little less spectacular, and Cano went 4 for 4. Wang, as usual, was workmanlike and excellent. He has the most wins in the league, and usually doesn't get this kind of run support.

Bimbo has christened this season "The Year of the White Guy Pitcher" because of outstanding showings by Brad Penney, Josh Beckett, et al. Betty begs to differ, and thinks that Wang and that Latino guy on the Angels both have a real shot at the AL Cy Young. Even if the Red Sox do end up dousing themselves in champagne this October.

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Anonymous said...

To clarify, when I say “the year of the white guy” it is partly with a sarcastic sneer. Josh Beckett could go 0-4 with a 6 ERA for the rest fo the season and people would still go on and on about how he is the best pitcher in baseball. And has anyone noticed that all the white guys with really low ERAs are on the West Coast (Chris Young, Jake Peavy, Dan Haren, Brandon Webb). Maybe they are re-editing the game footage in the dead of night as we all sleep and everyone in Cali is in on the conspiracy. Just a thought.

P.S. “Workmanlike” has a derogatory connotation to my mind. Can’t we just say “Wang was BRILLIANT as (almost) always.”

P.P.S. I am going to predict that Kelvim Escobar will indeed be the AL Cy Young winner if the voters have brains. Then again, Erik Bedard could win because old white guys like white guys who strike people out.