Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hugo is Boss

This is Hugo, the toothless 13-year old Life Muse of Betty and Bimbo's friends, Jackie and Sarah. Hugo is the Platonic ideal of Beauty made Manifest on Earth. He also used to be Cocoa's brother!

Despite their current status as "exes", Hugo and Cocoa still enjoy a good mutual sniff and trade looks of knowing regard when they get together. So what if someone might cross an invisible boundary and earn a swift headbutt to the snout? The two cuties are still soul twins, the yin and the yang of canine "person"ality.

Cocoa may be the prettiest little brown flower in town, but Hugo can take all manner of crazytime from his sister-from-another-mother and maintain that silly yet angelic composition whole hog. Above all, it is Hugo's inner peace that makes him Cocoa's perfect foil, a thing of beauty, a joy forever.

[Above: Hugo responds to Albert Einstein.]


jackie said...

This is an amazing post and I couldn't agree more. Did you also see that waggytail posted a blog about my hugo tattoo, we certainly are famous this week!! Im currently writing a waggytail happytail about hugo, we should write it together about our happy dog family! Ill send you the rough draft:)
ps i actually "laughed out loud" at your "hugo's response to albert einstein" comment

Elke said...

Ah, my main competition! I see your tattoo and raise you........

Crap, I can't beat that.