Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Play Bol!

Betty and Bimbo are SO happy that baseball season is underway, and that the Yankees won their first game, despite some pokey pitching from prodigal staff hottie Carl Pavano. As Bimbo put it, "Baseball gives you a reason to come home every night." Amen, hun!

Betty would like to add that it's fun to read about Las Grandes Ligas in Spanish. Betty reads El Tiempo from Bogotá, but there's also ESPN Deportes for those who did not grow up eating Zucaritas (Colombian Frosted Flakes) with that paper on their lap. For the even more regionally-inclined there's El Heraldofrom Barranquilla, which will make you believe that Edgar Rentería and Orlando Cabrera are the only two players in the league!

Fun vocabulary to know before you begin (all taken from today's El Tiempo article about Rentería's great performance last night against Philadelphia):

jonrón = home run

jardín central = center field (but don't tell Barry Bonds he was a gardener!)

pizarra = score

recibió pasaporte = walked

los Filis = The Phillies


Anonymous said...

EL HERALDO is what we call it

Anonymous said...

and the article was from EL HERALDO in Barranquilla

Betty & Bimbo said...

I corrected the spelling, but the article with the vocab words in it actually was in EL TIEMPO - and you sent it to me!