Tuesday, August 26, 2008


First of all, I must say I really admire Michelle Obama for, among other things, not wearing female power suits. Her speech was fine, but what was with that creepy video conversation between Barack and the kids at the end? Apparently it's cribbed from the Reagans? Why wasn't he, you know, at the convention? Every time he makes a speech Michelle has to go out there to hug him, back him up and wave, yet she's left out to dry and corral her kids into a photogenic video conference with their gigantic father? And who was this invisible family he kept referring to? I think he's taking this Kansas thing too far.


Betty and Bimbo said...

Michelle O. (like Karen O. and Jackie O. Alejandra O.) is really intelligent, beautiful, down to earth, and warm. But there was so much to cringe at last night. Her repeated thing about Barack's "funny name" ("but then I realized he's just like everyone else! with family, and values, and family values!") has got to be one of the most calculated moves I've ever seen in politics. But I guess it is a really well run campaign, if creepy. I also enjoyed the total non-sequitor of "kids volunteering to clean up their communities...and people like HILLARY CLINTON!" and the seemingly off-the-cuff little Obama kid's shrill improvisations. I liked Michelle's unexpected choice of green for the dress, too. Oh, and GO BEAVERS!!!!

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