Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, the Vatican...

From the news you can't use department-- the Vatican today announced the HOT NEW SINS of '08! Among them are pollution, drug use, and scientific experiments that involve genetics. Woo hoo! Way to keep it fresh, Churchies!

Actually, Betty doesn't think this is merely irrelevant. I guess we should congratulate the Church for its stance on pollution, which is what all the headlines are calling attention to. But I think the media is generally reactionary, moderate at best. And I also think the genetics part of it (which gets buried in the reporting today) is both misleading and immoral. Stem cell research seems to be the implicit target of the Vatican's vice-happy new decree, and Betty thinks it immoral to be AGAINST such important and life-affirming work! The Church has always impressed Betty with its consistency, if nothing else. They are pro-life, and invented the phrase "culture of life" -- which Bush took, of course, but only applied selectively; you see, the Vatican may be horrible on birth control and focus waaaay to much on abortion in its public outcries, but it is also categorically, unilaterally, uncompromisingly anti-war (at least in theory). Is it too much to hope that, if nothing else, one day they'll see how pro-life it really is to be pro-stem-cell?

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