Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whoa Nellie

Good tidings, everybody!

This little charmer is Nellie, who is not a sheep!

Betty is petsitting for Nellie, a rescued dog (her breed? "she's every woman") this week. Isn't she so beautiful? Nellie loves it when Betty comes to the door almost as much as she love wolfing down (pun intended!) her kibbles in the morning and going for little walks on the rain-touched grass.

Just don't tell Cocoa about this, ok?

In other Koko-related news, Koko the Clown sent Betty and Bimbo the most wonderful holiday gift! It took us a little while to figure out what it was, but finally a light flickered (dimly, we're slow)! It's a flower vase you can write on with chalk! And then watch your ideas bloom and grow and change with the seasons. Thank you, Koko!

Holiday love also goes out to loyal readers Jackie, Sarah, and Hugo, who sent our little family the sweetest little card. We hope you are all cuddled up somewhere warm this week.

Happy 2008 from Betty and Bimbo!
We want to know what you're doing these days to round out the year. Year-end top ten lists are also encouraged.

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