Friday, December 28, 2007

Natural Deodorant Leaves Betty Naturally Stinky

Now here's a blog topic for you.

In most circumstances, Betty is happy to pay a buck or two more to get the "natural" product. You would think our household was the set for an ad for Seventh Generation! But Seventh Generation doesn't make deodorant. And maybe there is a good reason for this!

At press time, Betty has tried out and dried out THREE different brands of natural deoderant (Tom's of Maine, JASON, and some hippie stick). All three have allowed her to "naturally" smell through her shirts like a big pile of garbage inside of an armpit. Please help!


venus infers said...

I feel for you-- the only "effective" natural products are the roll-on types that were probably the first deodorant sticks marketed. Alas, their basic component was alcohol, which, together with the sweat, tends to react with your shirt's cloth creating a nice permanent stain...

There is, obviously, the argument that calls in for an acceptance of smelly-ness as a rejection of capital and its disciplining of the body. Think the gutter-punks in the lit theory program.

On the other hand, and as part of our water-saving campaign, we are currently experimenting with the Versailles method: sinking ourselves in a bottle of perfume and letting our natural bodily exhuberance join in with the concert of fruitful woodiness that we prefer of late.

Yours, in drought,


Anonymous said...

Betty, SPELL CHECK!!!!!
deodorant we say in this country.

Betty & Bimbo said...


Still smelly,

amanda said...

I have had luck with the Nature's Gate brand (Spring Fresh Scent), and struck out with your previous attempts as well. Good luck!

Betty & Bimbo said...

Thank you! I will try it and report back.

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Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

Tom's makes me itch!

Little Hun said...

I love Tom's.
Don't deny your roots, Betty!