Saturday, November 17, 2007

When a Mayer is a Stallion

If you walk around Soho (NYC) on a Saturday afternoon, no matter what the temperature, you will see celebrities. Usually they are shopping. But sometimes they want a cup of coffee on a chilly afternoon, just like you!

Betty and Bimbo were hardly fazed when John Mayer pulled open the smudgey doors to their Starbucks at Broome & Lafayette today at 3pm. B&B had just come in for some warm drinks and a penguin cookie, and they're not fans or followers of Mayer or his music. What did faze them were the following answers attached to his entrance:

Was he with a beautiful girl?

No, he was alone.

Did he look rich and/or famous?

No, and he was carrying a dark green backpack on both shoulders. What's he got in there, his Trapper Keeper?

Was he hot?
Actually, yes! He has really beautiful deep (dare we say "bee-stung"?) eyes and fabulous wavy-greasy nearly black hair.

Couldn't he just send somebody out to get him coffee?
Of course he could have. This is why Betty thinks he's cool - he wants to mingle among the gente. And why shouldn't he?
And this is why Bimbo thinks he's desperate for attention, and stupid.

Interesting Fact: Bimbo has been stopped not once, but twice, and asked if he is Mr. Mayer.

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Speed McQueen said...

The only celeb I see in San Francisco, though with some frequency, is Tracy Chapman. I've seen her twice on BART and never in a Fast Car.

Montserrat Nicolás said...

hmmm...OK, against co-love's love for the mayer boy, we saw him live and he's like super boring...but with good songs. so, and knowing he frequents my sibling's gym, he probably will be seen more often around your hood.

now, back to more important stuff: anybody seen colbert?!

tag-along woofer said...

Bimbo, are you John Mayer?