Friday, October 05, 2007

first family in jail...

So, from the fairly (sub) (under) (less) developed part of the Americas, comes some good news.

The First (and foremost) Family is behind bars.

Without the patriarch, of course (RIP).

We only talking $20 M here. Nothing big. Just some traditional

Nothing new.

However, and since Miss Justice was not exactly on time for old Augusto, some 450 pages of serious and tedious investigation, made by mainly under-payed Chilean policemen, give the World some insight of the glamorous domestic shuffle of federal money.

We have several "take $100 K in this envelope to the Bank and deposit it (at old Riggs and now PNC, mind you)". Some "I'm sending you to Switzerland to see if the bank account is really closed, and if you can, try to get all the money out". Others, of a more distinguished kind, open up accounts under MADE-UP names. The horror!

'John Long' is one. Sounds pornish to me, but hey, let us not judge. Not all criminals are creative.

23 peeps (only 7 from the Pinochet klan) are now under arrest.

I got kind of surprised but must say that the major thing is that an old coup-master such as Ballerino IS STILL ALIVE!


Did I mention that all this unveiled as the Pentagon's own Gates was seducing the Prez? In Santiago?


The old spook must have some good stories when he comes back from his official trip to the Americas -south of the border- in contrast to his old, old, old Contras-old Nicaragua.

And No. No way this is possible in the USA. Don't get any subversive thoughts...


venus infers said...

McOndo, remember--?

Betty & Bimbo said...

Why are so many ruthless killers also petty tightwads? Is this what Hannah Arendt meant by the banality of evil? Not really. But I think the phrase does fit. This is all like Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion, except its the whole family. And how about those upstanding Riggs people? What the hell were they thinking???

Anonymous said...

the Riggs Bank people were NOTupstanding.....Joe Allbritton was pretty complicit in the deposits of large amounts of cash by the First Family.......
I mean, really, on the salary of a General???? But greed is blind
the bank has now, happily, gone under

I always said to a dear friend,a writer and human rights activist that the Al Capone analogy would hold true....and let's face do people really care about gross violations of basic human rights, caravans of death, operation condor? NO, but $$$ now, that's something that gets headlines

last sunday was the 30+ anniversary of the assasination of Orlando Letelier in Washington, DC, has that murder been solved? and he even had an American in the car with him- I say let's haul Henry the K into court
btw, the Judge who issue the arrest order will be receiving a human rights award from the Gruber Foundation next wednesday

does anyone remember the comment that Mafalda makes about her turtle whose name is Democracia or Justicia???

Montserrat Nicolás said...

name of the turtle is BUROCRACIA!

Betty & Bimbo said...

Burocracia! Jaja...Mafalda is the greatest work of human civilization, maybe....

Montse and Venus, can you please tell us what's happening with the public transportation situation in Santiago? It sounds like a NIGHTMARE....have either of you experienced it firsthand? What the hell happened?
Love, Betty