Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Grey

Today's post is not going to be about the Yankees. Let's just say there's a hole in Betty's heart where a baseball used to be. Bimbo couldn't even watch the failure, and tucked himself into bed with his head under all the covers.

SO! Today's post will instead be a photo spread of Betty's recent trip to Mexico City! She was stuck in (nonetheless interesting) meetings most days, but she snuck out one day to walk all the way down the Paseo de La Reforma to the Bosque Chapultepec - which really is a forest in the middle of the city, albeit one where you can buy a blue, pink, or purple ice cream or any number of Spongebob or Mexican wrestling masks.

At first, the DF does not seem to be a pedestrian-friendly city, because the car drivers simply do not care and they will run you over if you set foot on the street when it's not your light. BUT! It turns out that the easy-to-draw anti-walker impression is mistaken, because there are many green spots, benches, and publicly commissioned artworks everywhere you go, and people take advantage, sitting and observing along the ever-shifting green-and-street-scape. Here is an alligator with some other alligators riding on its back that Betty liked a lot:

And here is the weirdest, science-fictionist statue of Winston Churchill I've ever seen! He's blobbily emerging from the concrete near the Auditorio Metro Stop:

The Metro was awesome! Very fast and clean and with lots of art down there, too!

Here's the Plaza de la Independencia. Note the size of the humans compared to the size of the structures:

And finally, here's a chihuahua who seemed to live next to a taco cart on the street.
S/he was so sweet and Betty really wanted to take him/her back and it was sad that she couldn't. Betty again refers you to the main theme of this post. Send hugs, send chocolate, send love to these downhearted bloggers!


Superman said...

At least you can still heckle Mets Fans.

I realize the photo at the top is symbolic but who is that? She is tres belle et triste!

Be very very safe in la ciudad! Superman once flew in there at 3 in the morning and the taxi driver told him he was crazy and to stay out the green taxis which was the color of his.

Speed McQueen said...

Recommend some spots in Ciudad Mexico because Nancy D and I want to go there on our honeymoon. It looks like an amazing city.

Montserrat Nicolás said...

SO sorry.

Here, we just don't mention it.

It's raining in DC...Tears...from above.



ps. And stop abusing the chihuahuas! We don't want an international incident to take place so close to the border!

Montserrat Nicolás said...


Just got some positive feed back.

it's GOOD that the Y's lost because,inevitable, the evil Soxs would have beaten the Y's...and that, is unbearable.

the horror.

for ever.


Betty & Bimbo said...

Hi friends! Thank you for your words of support. We had a sullen rainy day and are moving on in our own time...

Superman, the picture is of Anna Karina in "Vivre Sa Vie". She's so pretty, you're right!

Speed, you're gonna love the DF. The Anthropology Museum is amazing, and just walking around is eventful. You can't go wrong. We'll talk more.

Montse, gracias por las palabras de apoyo...we feel lost, cut off from our joy, but we also feel liberated, like we can now finally turn our attention to...life.

Go Cleveland.