Monday, June 18, 2007

sorry to bother...

A funny thing happened on the way to the open-mine pit...Some days ago, an official report came out showing how 3 glaciers in the Andes have decreased their size with 70% since 1981. Our dear friend, (and responsible for the irreversible disaster) Barrick Gold Corporation said it's due to "global warming" (looking very Al Gore) despite the fact that 2 other glaciers (close to the mine) only decreased with 14%...(info, same report).

Now, why would this possible be important to more folks than the 70.000 peeps living downhill from the Pascua Lama mine? Well, thanks for asking, Chile has over 55% of all the glaciers in South America (the least contaminated source of water), but also more or less, the same amount of mining projects.

And if we just ponder the fact that over $25 billion left Chile (in mine profits) last year, we can easily see that somehow the mine business DO NOT like what's going on the "internets" when it comes down to their goody-economics activities.

So, just because it's so warm and hot and humid, and 'cause comp lit rocks, let's compare (using available cultural youtubic style) two different "approaches" to the subject (both in english and both funny in so many differet ways)...

This one is made by scary people (but with a lot of cash):

This other one by (we guess by the tone of their voice) handsome americanos (please pay attention to the facts and sarcasm):

And if you want more 'in-english' well produced facts and images, see here.

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