Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun and More in the 404

Betty's time in Atlanta has been fun and overwhelming! 10,000 people are here for the U.S. Social Forum and anything is possible, including another U.S.

Yesterday was the opening march from the Georgia State Capitol through the streets of downtown. Along with her friends from the Miami Worker's Center and FUREE, Betty got sweaty in the streets! She felt the heat of the politcal moment, too, and hoped the feeling was widespread. Onlookers looked stunned at the outpouring of people power.

To cap off the day, Betty and friends from Miami attended an Atlanta Braves game at the beautiful and intimate Turner Field. We marvelled at the cuteness of the baseball-rapt Southern boys and the over-made-up but still palpable robust beauty of the women. Barranquilla-born and Portland-bred Braves' star Edgar Rentaria had three hits before we left in the seventh inning, and the Braves beat the pathetic Washington Nationals, 13-0.

Today has been a little more relaxed, with meetings and workshops to attend on immigrant rights and gentrification as critical national issues. Tonight Betty will work the registration table at the plenary session on Gulf Coast recovery and its many sides.

Also, Betty has purchased the new Ryan Adams album, "Easy Tiger", and loves it! He's in fine form, and superb voice. The first three songs in particular are stand out. And it was recorded really loud!

Let those voices be heard!


BALURDI said...
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Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

Poor Nats.