Wednesday, March 22, 2006

LES = Y.E.S.

I guess what I'm saying is that to me, the LES is what it is because of the people, and having lived (and now live) in the West Village, the Upper West, the Upper East, and even Washington Heights, I still feel the flavor of the LES, regardless of the gentrification. There's still a DIY attitude that I admire and find remarkable. The style sense, the food sense, the street sense--it all feels to be way less self-conscious than anywhere else in the city and that, to me, is the character of the Lower East Side. I also think that the large international crowds (mostly Asian) that come in add a lot to the neighborhood. We are specifically toasted often by Japanese media outlets and I have to say that our Japanese fans really add something funky and special to our restaurant, and our neighborhood. Lastly, when both my husband and I think of the LES, we think mostly of the rich Jewish history, and that's still inherent everywhere you go--for instance we are situated right next door to a very old and traditional synagogue.

- DeDe Lahman, co-owner, Clinton St. Baking Company.

Well put, Dede. Betty always strugles to explain what she likes so much about the neighborhood, why she loves returning home, and this is it.

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